Web Design Is The New Way Of The Business World

Website design sounds like a pretty cool thing to some people, and why not? It involves art, design and computer skills in order to put together a cool-looking website for people to look at. People go to school to learn how to do it, and as time goes on, many more pertinent facets are being added to the curriculum. It used to be just graphic design, and don’t get me wrong, there are still just graphic designers that do just graphic design (logos, computer graphics art), but in any graphic design major curriculum, there’s webpage building and web development courses that are now required. That’s because, as the internet and the way we use it evolves, certain needs become more clear in terms of where more jobs are going to be needed. That’s why people go to school right? To learn how to do something so well, or at least get a firm grasp on the basics, in order to enter the job market and start their careers, so they can support themselves and perhaps their future families. State colleges and universities all over the world are in the business of training the next crop of workers for any particular need in the world that has emerged, and since people are often money-motivated, they’re eager to learn what they need to do make as much of it as possible. It’s the way of the world (for now) and will continue to be the perpetual, driving force until the way we think about the world and the people in it further evolve (no matter where they live or circumstance they’re born into), from a big picture perspective. So, for now, it’s time to get while the getting is good and make that money, and there are a lot of ways that web design is one of the most important aspects to getting started and sustaining business for years to come.

1. If you were born in the eighties or any time thereafter, I’m pretty sure that you understand the importance of having a website or some kind of online presence. You probably haven’t picked up a phone book for over a decade to find anything that you were looking for because whether you ever had the conscience thought about it or not, at some point it became clear and made more sense to just get on the internet and search for it there. The internet is so awesome in so many different ways, and it’s totally changed the way that we search for things in our lives that we need and want, it’s completely changed the way that we live our lives and it’s certainly, without a doubt, changed the way that we do business.

2. When’s the last time that you sat in a class somewhere where they did a roll call and read your name at some point to see if you were present? It may have been a long time ago, but regardless you surely remember a scenario where this happened, even if it was a long time ago. If you remember correctly, you’ll recall them going through the names on their in list in alphabetical order. Sometimes, someone would get crazy and read them in reverse-alphabetical order. That’s just how they did it because it was the basis used for organizing the people on any particular in any particular class. The internet is a completely different beast, and although I’m sure that there are some things that are sorted and categorized alphabetically, many other criteria are taken into consideration far before in order to compile a list of the things you’re searching for. So, it’s by no means like the phonebook when you search for something on the internet, that mentality really doesn’t compute with the internet. That’s why it’s so important for a web design company to understand exactly how it works, so they can help their clients get as high on the search engine list as possible.

3. Once a web designer puts together a clean, functional and user-friendly website for your business, they’re job then is to drive as much qualified and useful traffic to it as possible. That’s like setting up a detour on the streets for a bunch of window shoppers to direct them past your store front, so they can see it and maybe take a peak inside when otherwise, they may have meandered around without purpose, and never come across you and your business. Usually people have a specific reason to search for something though, either way it’s important to make it as easy to find you as possible.

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So You’re Thinking About Getting Eyelash Extensions

Our eyes are some very important assets. They provide us with sight, with which we use to analyze and make most of the decisions that we do. They can be many different shades, hues and colors and are the reason why we’re able to perceive visual beauty or make judgments about what we feel is ugly. People make decisions about people based solely on their eyes sometimes, because they feel that they can know everything that they need to based off of them alone. Half of the makeup and cosmetics industry is focused on the eyes with products like mascara, eye shadow and liner, and most women can’t leave the house without at least applying a little mascara, even when they’re running late. You’ve probably been driving, on your way to work on one or more occasions and looked over at the car next to you and seen a woman applying mascara, eye shadow and other makeup using her car’s sun visor mirror while she’s simultaneously trying to drive safely. Women spend a whole lot of time, effort and money on their outward appearances and their eyes are more often than not, the main focal point. Because of this fact, not only has daily, temporary ways to accentuate the eyes been invented, but more permanent forms of drawing attention to one’s eyes have emerged as well. You can have eyeliner literally tattooed on, so you don’t have to worry about it ever again and also, you can have eyelash extensions installed by a certified and licensed esthetician at a beauty salon or medical spa. There are temporary extensions that are common as well that involve some topical adhesive and fake eye lashes, they are popular but can damage your lashes and pull them out while removing them from your eyelids. Ultimately, they can be quite counter-productive if you’re trying to increase the appearance of longer, more dense and voluptuous lashes.

Eyelash extension treatments can take several hours, depending on what you’ve got to work with and how densely you want them applied. They can last more than several weeks if you take care of them. Rubbing or scratching your eyes and over-exposing them to water when you wash your face and when you shower can lessen the longevity of the extensions. They work a lot like hair extensions but eyelashes are so much more delicate than the hair on your head that they have to be taken extremely good care of in order get the full benefit out of them. Experiencing emotions that manifest crying episodes aren’t good for them either, so try not to be sad or involve yourself with people who make you feel crying, because turning on the water works can have you back at the salon faster than you anticipated. Getting eyelash extensions applied is a very time-intensive process as well, and one that you should prepare to spend several hours receiving. This might sound like a lot of time for something like this and it is, but time is money and the price of beauty is all relative. If you’ve never heard of this kind of extension treatment and you don’t know where to go to have it administered, the kind of places that provide microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatments are where you ought to call to see if they can help.

A more permanent kind of solution for someone who wants fuller, more lush eyelashes is called Latisse. Latisse lashes are the only prescription treatment for inadequate eyelash growth that exists today. It comes in the form of a liquid solution and it is applied using a specialized applicator to the skin around the eyelashes. This can increase the length, number and diameter of eyelashes and was approved by the FDA for cosmetic purposes in 2008. Originally, in its early forms, it was used to decrease the progression of glaucoma by basically increasing the flow of aqueous fluids from the eye, but more often than not now, it’s used for cosmetic reasons.

No woman really ever believes that their eyelashes are long or full enough, so there’s all kinds of reasons to try to come up with solutions to this problem. Sticky adhesive that is used to put on or peel off fake lashes can get old really quick, and like I said earlier, they can cause you to ultimately lose eyelashes, which would make them appear less dense and lighter in color than ever before as a result. So, whatever way it is that you feel like going, if you want to accentuate your eyes then there are a variety of ways to do it, and I’d recommend looking into a medical spa or beauty salon of some kind to get your questions answered by a qualified professional.

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I Had No Idea That My Old Web Designer Had Done Me A Serious Disservice

Do you like to get all jacked up? You know, bust out the ol’ Karate Kid soundtrack and pump up the volume to Joe Esposito’s, ‘You’re The Best Around’. Well, that’s exactly what I do every morning when I wake up, I even replaced my morning breakfast and coffee with just that song and it provides me with everything I need to make it through the work day until lunch. Then I crack six eggs into a blender and then add a cup of protein powder and drink it down like a champ, then I tell myself that I’m the best around. I didn’t used to be like this, I lacked confidence and was scared of my business failing. Then, I discovered the secret ingredient and then became the magnificent specimen that you see standing before you today. You may ask, “What’s the secret ingredient that you discovered? I sure hope it’s not that concoction of eggs and protein powder that you just mentioned”. Don’t worry, it’s not. Although, I would highly recommend it, it’ll make you grow hair on your chest and in other places that are really manly. The secret ingredient that I discovered was responsive web design and it changed my life by way of changing the way that I did business. I owe everything that I have to it at this point in my life, even my new found confidence and bulging muscles! There are some very good reasons that responsive website design was able to help me turn my life and business around, and I’m going to share an experience that I had with you today. Time to get jacked up!

I thought that my old website was great; it had an awesome flash introduction, a lot of vibrant colors and a sweet, inspirational song built in. There was also a whole ton of information about my company throughout the site. It turns out though, that it wasn’t so awesome, because I was pissing off my visitors who didn’t care for flash introductions or didn’t have the required software to run them. Also, the vibrant colors that I thought looked great were apparently too loud and even further upset my viewers. Then, I found out that the song that I played, usually after about 10 seconds of them bringing up my website, even further irritated my potential customers, it even downright offended some of them apparently. I wish I could find my old web designer so I could choke him out, but he’s tattooing douche bags in Phoenix, AZ now and I don’t have time for that.

Luckily, I was at a dinner party with some friends about six months ago and was drinking some beer and talking about my website and how awesome it was. A web designer, who was also in attendance, overheard me and asked if he could see it. I said, “Heck yeah bro, you’re gonna love this”. He asked for the website name and I gave it to him, then he pulled out his smartphone and typed it in. I looked over his shoulder as he held the phone in front of him, so I could see as well. He found the website after I corrected the spelling of it several times for him, then when he clicked on it, an error occurred on the screen. I was perplexed but then again, I never tried looking my site up on a smartphone before. “Your phone must not be very smart”, I told him and then laughed out loud, looking around for approval from the other guests. Then I told him to hold on and I went and found the host of the party and asked to borrow their laptop. They looked at me weird and then disappeared around the corner, then came back with one and told me to keep my beer away from it. “No problem, relax”, I said and then I retuned to the backyard and sat down and looked up my website. The web designer sat down next to me and I told him that he was going to love the song that was about to play once I opened it up. I clicked on my site and then got another error, stating that the computer didn’t have the updated flash program that it needed to run. I was disappointed.

Then, over the course of the next hour, this man was kind of enough to tell me everything that my web designer did wrong, which happened to be almost everything. My website shouldn’t have a flash introduction, a song, any of the vibrant colors or any of the overwhelming amount of information on the first page that it had. After that, he became my website designer, put together a simple website and starting driving traffic to it. My business has been booming ever since!

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Colin Chillag’s Blog World

Hey there! It’s my first post here on the blog, and I’m Colin Chillag.  I write about local businesses, products and services that I enjoy, so you can enjoy them too.  There are lots of choices available to shoppers today, and finding the best products and services can be tiresome and stressful depending on what you are looking for.  If you do not have the time to Support Local Businessresearch the products and services you want, you will put yourself at risk for purchasing something inferior when a better option is available.  Here on my blog, you can read a bout lots of different kinds of companies, including local clothing retailers, responsive website design companies, great local restaurants and more. Why worry about the quality of the products and services you are getting when you can do some easy online searching to determine if there is something better out there?

That’s what I am here to do.  I want to vet businesses, products, services and other things that I am interested in to ensure the quality of the stuff I’m paying for.  When I find great businesses or products, sharing them here is the best way to ensure that people can find them and understand my experience.  Whenever I am searching for a new product or service that may be of use to me and others, I ask myself: what is it that helps me decide what I’m going to buy, or what businesses I will support?  It’s a detailed question with a complex answer.

When vetting businesses for quality, there are a number of factors that we can use to assess the level of service or the caliber of the product.  How long as the business been in operation? Do they support their local community? Those two questions can tell you a lot about how well established a business is in their region. If the business isn’t locally recognized for their work, you might find quickly that they are not worth supporting.

Other questions you might ask include: has the business received any awards for excellence? What licenses and certifications do they have? Are their employees happy?  Is their customer service prompt?  Asking these types of questions is how you can really start to create a picture of how that particular business operates within their industry.  Then, consider researching some of their competitors and see how competitive they are within that industry.  If their competition has better service, if they are better established, then your research is proving fruitful! Learning about a business’ competitors is a great method for determining what that business could do to improve their results.

When you are looking for great services or great products, reading online reviews of the business or their product is a great way to get an idea of how others feel about it.  If there are a multitude of bad reviews with detailed explanations of unresolved issues, then you can bet there is a better choice than the company you’re looking at.  Why purchase a product with myriad bad reviews when you could just keep searching for something worth the price?  It’s a question many people ask when they find they’ve purchased an inferior product prior to reading reviews.

It is my intention to give people a place to read about the products and services they are looking for.  I want you to be able to read posts here and know that the products and services I am sharing are credible, worthwhile and useful.  If you have a product, service or business you would like recognized, let me know! I will do all the research I can to determine their efficacy as a business, and should they be up to par, I will gladly post about them here.

I look forward to delivering great educational information on awesome products and businesses to you and everyone else who decides to stop in and read my blog.  I know that it can be hard to find a good product or service without performing some research, which is exactly why I am so intent on delivering this blog to you. Thanks for reading!

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